196-230kW three-phase string photovoltaic inverter, 1500V DC input and 800VAC output, the first choice for large-scale power stations to reduce costs and increase efficiency. The highest efficiency is 99%, 9/12/14 channels MPPT, support 28 channels input, single string maximum current 15A, perfect match with 500W+ double-sided modules, and support high-level ratio scheme design, which will bring more benefits to the power station. The DC side supports the “Y” type DC terminal connection, and the AC side supports the access of large diameter aluminum alloy cables. At the same time, it matches the PLC communication mode, effectively reducing the investment cost of the power station. Optional built-in anti-PID function and AFCI function, this model meets the 1P66 protection level, making the power station safer and more stable. High-precision cascade monitoring and IV curve scanning effectively improve the operation and maintenance efficiency of the power station and reduce the operation and maintenance cost.



Reliable, safe and efficient


196K-EHV-PLUS / 230K-EHV-PLUS / 230K-EHV


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